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Join us to oppose Beagle breeders in our campaign to end animal experiments and to progress valid human based medical research.

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B&K Universal is owned by US multinational animal supplier, Marshall BioResource, which also owns Green Hill - a now-closed laboratory animal breeding facility in Italy.

In 2012, 3,000 beagles were seized from Green Hill in Italy following a massive campaign led by Fermare Green Hill. In January 2015, Two managers from Green Hill and the company's vet were convicted for the crimes of illegal killing of beagle puppies and adult dogs, as well as for animal abuse. Ghislaine Rondot,  the European Executive Manager and Director of B&K Universal UK and Yorkshire Evergreen, was sentenced to one year six months in jail for the illegal killing of animals and animal abuse. Her professional activities were also suspended for two years in Italy.

UPDATE Ghislaine Rondot, Terminated her appointment as Director of B&K Universal and Yorkshire Evergreen on June 30th 2015. Her sudden termination was clearly a move to try and sweep under the carpet the abuses that occurred at Green Hill under her management.  A company whose care towards animals in their Green Hill facility according to Italian magistrates was "inadequate, untimely, ineffective and short-lived.

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Director Of B&K Universal Recieves a Prison Sentence After Being Convicted of Animal Cruelty

23rd January 2015

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