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Join us to oppose Beagle breeders in our campaign to end animal experiments and to progress valid human based medical research.

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B&K Universal

B&K Universal are owned by an American company Marshall BioResoures, they own sites in China, US, UK, India & Italy, the UK base is based in Grimston, near Hull, UK who sell Beagle dogs to - and breed other animals for - vivisection laboratories for use in experiments.

When Beagle bitches are no longer viable for breeding B&K 'terminally bleed them out' selling their blood to laboratories.These sensitive and highly social intelligent dogs are bred in barren cages, often overcrowded with little or no exercise. Please read about the owners of this company's forthcoming trial in Italy.

In November 2013 B&K's planning application (under the name of Yorkshire Evergreen) to breed 2,000 Beagles & Ferrets for vivisection experiments failed when they were rejected by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. B&K Universal announced they may start to breed Beagles and ferrets on site without planning permission, and they may also appeal to the Councilors decision to reject their planning application. In June 2014 they did appeal and now the decision has been left to the Rt Hon Eric Pickles Secretary of State.

B&K Universal appealed on the 1st June 2014, read the latest news here. However they are already importing Beagle dogs from their parent company Marshall Bio-Resources in the US and rear these young puppies on - together with mice, rats and guinea pigs - to sell for vivisection laboratory experiments that are sold to society as "helping human medicine advance", despite current science proving that animals are not capable of predicting human responses. It is for this reason that our campaign will courageously and diligently continue to keep the spotlight on B&K, and work hard to clear the path for our properly moderated public scientific debates.

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Beagle toxicology testing

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What did Claire say?

10th Nov 2013: Claire, a facility manager at B&K Universal's beagle breeder, was quoted in the Hull Daily Mail:

In this article, B&K staff have names for these lab experiment Beagles such as Trixie and Mister, who would otherwise be treasured family member animals. And although even reading this beggars belief, when you steel yourself to actually watch films of Beagles undergoing laboratory experiments, nothing can prepare you for the horror which is theirs; the horror that awaits Mister and Trixie.

"You couldn't do this job if you didn't like animals.You know the animals are going to go to places where they will be looked after. They have better care than your pets".

Footage taken inside B&K Universal 2011

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Animals at B&K never see the light of day, film footage shows them pawing at their cages to get out.


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Around 90'000 dogs are experimented on every year in the UK and EU

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