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B&K Universal - Planning news (Nov 2014)

At the present moment the Government Planning Inspectorate in Bristol has taken the provisional view that the planning appeal for B&K Universal to expand their animal breeding facility should be decided by written submissions, this followed by modern scientists, Doctors & MP's who have submitted detailed legal arguments about why the planning application should again be rejected and urging the Planning Inspectorate to hold an open and public inquiry so that complicated evidence requiring cross-examination can be heard on the invalidity of animal research - last year we invited B&K and their PR representatives pro-vivisection activists Understanding Animal Research to debate with our experts over thier claims submitted in their planning application which stated that 'animals are needed for vital medical research'.

It is scandalous that B & K Universal are continuing to try and push this unwanted facility through, wasting time and money, and putting animals' lives needlessly in danger delaying cures and turning back the clock in terms of medical research 200 years. We can't let them succeed! Common sense prevailed in 2013 when the Government refused it, but we can't assume that will be the case again.

Science has moved on and companies like B & K Universal should too.

To date 130,000 signatures have been gathered against their appeal.

After a meeting with local residents and the head of planning in July at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Oppose B&K Universal was invited for interviews by ITV, local radio KCFM and BBC Radio Humberside.

President of Europeans for Medical Advancement (EFMA)

Dr Ray Greek writes an open letter to B&K Universal

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BBC - Govt Planning Inspector visit - 25/11/14

BBC - Govt Planning Inspector visit - 25/11/14

Govt Planning Inspector visit - behind the scenes - 25/11/14

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UPDATE - 16th July 2015: Communities Secretary Greg Clark has overturned the Gov't planning inspector in Bristol who recomended refusal and allowed B&K Universal to go ahead More >