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Doctor Ray Greek, Talk Radio Europe

Pippa Jones interviewed Dr Ray Greek for Talk Radio Europe on 30th October in what will be one of the most important contributions we have available at this time to help decision makers and the public understand exactly how and why the false animal experimentation industry manages to still maintain its grip, when it is not truthful about current medical knowledge.

For Dr Greek's medical Board Americans and Europeans For Medical Advancement please visit this link https://www.afma-curedisease.org/tsmt...

MPs are helping by signing Parliamentary EDM 373, to type in your post code and ask your MP to sign its vital call for a public medical debate hearing please visit this link http://edm373.forlifeonearth.org

For the British Medical Journal's Editor's Choice, highlighted in the interview's photo, please visit this link ‪http://tinyurl.com/pzpecoj


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Posted - 30th October 2015