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Join us to oppose Beagle breeders in our campaign to end animal experiments and to progress valid human based medical research.

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Around 90'000 dogs are experimented on every year in the UK and EU


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The Beagles inside B&K Universal

This footage was filmed inside B&K Universal in 2012. It shows the tragic reality of 'life' for these beagles as they struggle to make sense of what's happening to them. Although heartbreaking, this footage is not graphic.

Scientists have now demonstrated that experiments on Beagles, and other animals, are not capable of predicting the responses of human patients. Visit our science page where you can read more from the leading experts in this field, who have proven why such experiments will always fail human patients too.

Listen to our science representative For Life On Earth (FLOE) give a blistering and focused BBC radio interview on the day of this disastrous decision. FLOE call B&K out into the medical debate arena to participate in public hearings with judges; something we have been calling for for two years!

Also available in audio